The San Francisco Compute Company

We run affordable pre-training clusters for startups, grad students and research labs.

We sell compute by the hour, not by the year. Need 768 H100s for a week? You got it. Want to do 32 runs on 8 H100s for 2 hours each? Sure. We make a flexible scheduler that lets you burst to large portions of the cluster so you can scale up your model without having to sign an expensive long-term contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have capacity? Yes. We can get you online in the next few months.
  • How much can I burst to? Thousands of H100s.
  • Do I get SSH access? Yes
  • InfiniBand? 3.2Tb/s

Who are we?

San Francisco Compute is run by Alex Gajewski ("guy-yeff-ski"), Evan Conrad, James Hill-Khurana, Vivien Nepenthe, and several others. Before this, Alex & Evan ran AI Grant.

We have been written about in The New York Times, The Verge, and on Hacker News. We have a Twitter X account, @sfcompute. You can find us in-person in San Francisco, the great city of progress.
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