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We run affordable pre-training clusters for startups, grad students and research labs.

We sell compute by the hour, not by the year. Need 768 H100s for a week? You got it. Want to do 32 runs on 8 H100s for 2 hours each? Sure. You can flexibly burst to large portions of the cluster so you can scale up your model without having to sign an expensive long-term contract.

Available Capacity

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Looking for more GPUs?

We offer competitive pricing for large reservations of 512 - 4096 GPUs. Contact sales and let us know what you're looking for.

Used by

"Very competitive low prices, an abundant amount of H100s for our projects, and great and responsive customer service"
Tianyu Gao, PhD Student profile pictureTianyu Gao, PhD Student –Princeton Language and Intelligence
"We trust SF Compute to be our primary cloud for training and inference workloads. The hardware spec is great and the team is amazing to work with"
Michael Phind profile pictureMichael Royzen, CEO –Phind
"SF Compute has made reserving compute radically easier and simpler for us, with its transparency in pricing and availability of H100s. We are impressed by the SF Compute team's fast and reliable technical support during training"


  • Do you have capacity? Yes. In addition to the public availability above, we have additional capacity and often procure bespoke clusters.
  • How many GPUs can I burst to? Thousands of H100s.
  • Do I get SSH access? Yes.
  • InfiniBand? 3.2Tb/s


Angel Island
192x H100
Online now
Bay Bridge
512x H100
Coming this summer
Coit Tower
1024x H100
Coming this summer

Who are we?

We have been written about in The New York Times, The Verge, and on Hacker News. We have a Twitter X account, @sfcompute. You can find us in-person in San Francisco, the great city of progress.
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