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Machine Learning Systems

The San Francisco Compute Company is hiring for a machine learning systems role. This role works on optimizing performance for training large AI models.

About working with us

As the name implies, we mostly work in San Francisco. Our office is in Hayes Valley. Many of our customers are physically nearby, in that you can literally walk down the street to meet them.

We probably don't need to say it, but the problems are interesting. We make supercomputers, not SaaS.

Working at San Francisco Compute means helping hundreds of university labs, focused-research organizations, startups and tinkerers get access to ultra powerful machines. This is their biggest bottleneck and we think it's the highest possible leverage you can have as a software engineer to materially push scientific progress forward.

About you

You're an engineer with experience in Pytorch, Tensorflow or JAX. You have a keen eye for profiling, debugging and optimizing GPU utilization.

You may be a good fit if you are familar with distributed training techiques such as Data Parallel, Tensor Parallel & Pipeline Parallel.

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