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Announcing self-serve reservations on Bay Bridge

Today, San Francisco Compute is launching self-serve reservations to Bay Bridge, a 2k H100 training cluster, fully interconnected with 3.2tb/s InfiniBand. You can signup here.

How much does it cost?

$2.85 per GPU hour.

How much can I reserve?

Up to 1024 H100s, fully interconnected with InfiniBand.

Is this preemptible on-demand?

Nah, it's a reservation system. It lets you book a week of cluster time for some point in the future. When your time begins, you'll get SSH access, and you won't get booted off until your time ends.

Wait so how do I get access?

You'll book a time slot, then you'll get an email asking you to sign a contract to reserve. When you sign, your reservation will be confirmed. Afterwards, you'll get another email with wiring instructions. So long as you've wired before your allocation begins, you'll get SSH access.

What if I want a special arrangement?

Sure, just email us at team at sfcompute.com.

When's the next time slot?

Oh, here's the cluster calendar.

Next available slot on --- --